We can help get you the information you need to make the most cost effective design decisions while you're still in the design process.  This hybrid solution of costing in design is recognized industry wide as the owner's most beneficial time to make cost based decisions and architects may refer to this as IPD or integrated project delivery.   This facilitates tight schedules and today's longer lead times on LED materials.   


Our integration services benefits our customers by bridging the gap between the benefits of IoT technologies and lighting embedded platforms. This allows for greater connectivity to visitors through improved interaction, targeted location based outreach and advanced lighting control and energy management features.


We offer national account buying options and implementation assistance. We assist owners in all stages of implementing national brand's design standards by aiding in determining layouts,   sourcing compliant products, budgeting and costing on national price agreements,  and facilitating construction documents approval. 


Coordinating all correct components are included in a bid can be a challenge in today's component rich LED lighting environment. It's difficult for the general contractor to differentiate between bidders that have done their due diligence, those who have over planned and those who have missed the details.   Our process allows contractors to make decisions with confidence knowing all the necessary lighting elements are covered and that required installation is correctly and clearly identified to installing bidders.   


Well-honed documentation processes take your project from the design boards through ordering and fulfillment. Our warehouse facility receives orders and consolidates shipping for a well-staged delivery process replacing drop shipping to the jobsite.