City from Below

Core Values


Dynamic Two-Way Relationships: We value working in a dynamic two-way relationship with our customers and business partners that is grounded in trust and facilitated by clear, open  and honest communication.


Educated Decisions: We value manufacturers' contributions to the lighting market and support a marketplace that allows these manufacturers' to continue innovating and supplying a broad range of options.  From budget to polished high performance each product has its place.    We value a process that allows the consumer to have an understanding of all the appropriate options.   Educated decisions by the buyer are the most successful.


Team Alignment: We value working in a team that is self driven through the shared values of accountability, reliability, respect, appreciation of contributions and a positive work environment. 


Design: We value the impact of light: Visually through its aesthetic impact, functionally through the task impact, humanly through well being and health and economically through customer connectivity.   We believe sustainable design must encompass all of these elements while also balancing the business's bottom line and the impact on nature.